The 2020 Prophetics Professional Mentorship Union is a collective designed to empower prophets to transform the world through this vital ministry position.



  • Connect the prophetic together as a “collective.”
  • Move from collective to community;
  • Elevate from community to professionals;
  • Unify as professionals to a respectable industry;

Meeting the First Goal: Unite

The first union objective is to gather prophetic people who understand the importance of our “collective” responsibility for the reputation of this ministry function in the public eye. You have often heard me say and continue to say the prophetic is not just an ability or a singular calling, but an interconnected “whole.”


We have to be willing to converse, confront and combine our efforts in the restoration of its legacy and impact in the planet for the Lord.


This will require going beyond our abilities and performance to consider the posterity of what we are doing beyond our ministries’ lifetime.


Tackling the issues, establishing professional protocols, practices and protections is what lies ahead for the union.

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Live Forums

  • Tackling World Events
  • Prophetic Education
  • Public Awareness

Study Hall

  • General Prophetic Knowledge
  • Personal Development
  • Public Education

Monthly Webinars

  • Prophetic Training
  • Professional Development
  • Prophetic Operations

Monthly Mentorship

  • Prophetic Readiness
  • Prophetic Service
  • Prophetic Office

Annual Professional Journal

  • Case Study
  • Expert Review
  • Problem/Soulution Analysis


  • Address Issues
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentorship
  • Collaborative Education

Let’s Get Started


Good for those who are curious and demonstrate general interest in the prophet.


Access to the online Facebook group for:

  • monthly engagement
  • news
  • updates
  • insights


Good for those who want to know and understand how the prophetic works in general.


Everything from Follower plus

  • Access to our exclusive prophetic network
  • Engagement in monthly live broadcasts for members only
  • Participation in monthly live forums


Good for those who are prophetic and learning for ongoing professional development.


Everything from Insider plus a monthly educational and mentorship webinar.



Good for those who are prophetic and learning for ongoing professional development.

by Invitation

Strategic collaboration
with select members, who will contribute to 2020 Prophetics’ content and network development.

2020 Prophetics Mentorship Union

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